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Equifax Breach

Important Information You Should Know

As you may be aware, Equifax experienced a breach of 143 million consumer’s personal information.

Learn more about the breach from Equifax or the Federal Trade Commission. First Community Credit Union reports loan repayment information to all credit bureaus, including Equifax. Many members may be impacted by this breach. Below are tips to help protect your personal information and how First Community Credit Union is protecting you.

In Your Best Interest!

  • Mobile Banking. Use our mobile app to check your account information anytime.
  • Fraud Monitoring. Your credit and debit card transactions are monitored 24/7. If an unauthorized charge is suspected, you will be notified through text, email, and by phone in real time, allowing you to block the transaction. If you notice suspicious or unauthorized activity on your account, call us immediately at 855-328-2441.
  • Liability Protection. With Visa’s Zero Liability, you won’t be held responsible for unauthorized credit card charges.

Take Control.

  • Online Banking Alerts. Set customized alerts to notify you of near real time activity or when your account has been accessed in online banking.
  • Online Banking Credentials. Ensure you are refreshing your online banking username and password regularly. Check the strength of your password using a secure password checking tool.
  • Monitor Your Credit Report. Obtain a free credit report from each credit bureau annually to check for suspicious activity.
  • Credit Freeze or Fraud Alert. Evaluate which credit report option is right for you. A credit freeze will block any attempt to access your credit report, but may slow down your ability to obtain new credit as the freeze will need to be lifted. A fraud alert will not block access to your credit file, but will place an alert on your report for creditors to review.
  • File Your Taxes Early. File your taxes as soon as possible. Scammers may attempt to use your social security number to file a fraudulent return. Contact the IRS if you suspect someone filed a tax return under your name.