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Paycheck Protection Program

Your business may qualify for a loan through the Payment Protection Program that is guaranteed by the Small Business Administration's (SBA). As stated at "The Paycheck Protection Program is a loan designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll." Learn more at

What you need to know before you apply (please read)

  1. First Community Credit Union is partnering with Biz2Credit for this round of PPP loans. Members may apply directly through our affiliate.
  2. If you have multiple businesses seeking PPP loans you will have to apply separately for each business.
  3. You may not receive a PPP loan from more than one lender for the same business. Only one loan per business is allowed by the SBA.
  4. You must complete the application online. To complete an application, visit Biz2Credit and create an account to apply.
  5. All or part of your PPP loan may be forgiven in accordance with the CARES Act and SBA rules. Forgiveness is not automatic and you must qualify and request it. Learn more about the Loan Forgiveness program at
  6. During the online application process you must upload the required payroll records to allow Biz2Credit to process your loan and apply to the SBA for a guarantee.
  7. The amount you may borrow will be determined during the application process and is based upon SBA rules and the documentation you provide.
  8. After submitting an application, Biz2Credit will correspond with you via email with status updates and any follow-up steps.

Ready to apply? Visit Biz2Credit and apply today.

If you have questions about the PPP loan process before you get started, please contact our commercial lending team at:

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