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How to: Enroll in and use Bill Pay

What is Bill Pay?

Bill pay is a secure way to pay bills electronically from your checking account. It allows you to add and manage payees, and make single or recurring payments. It makes paying your bills quick and easy. To get started, click "Bill Pay" in the top menu and follow the prompts to enroll.

image of main online banking page with the bill pay menu selected

Adding a Payee

Search and Select

The first step to using bill pay is to add a payee. Click the "Add Payee" button in the top right.

image of main bill pay page with add payee button selected in top right corner

To make it easier to fill out payee information, you can search for them by zip code, or name.

image of form for searching for a payee

If you see the payee listed in the next screen, click the circle next to their name. Otherwise, select "Not in list", then click "Proceed"

image of search results with an option at the bottom for payee not listed
Enter Payee info

If you selected a payee in the last menu, their billing information will automatically populate in the "Add Payee" section. If the payee is not on the list, enter their billing information in the form shown below. Finish by entering your account number with this payee, and other information at the bottom of the form.

image of add payee form

If you need to edit details, or remove a payee, you can select the manage payees tab in the "Bill Pay" menu. Click the gear icon next to their name to modify the payee.

image of manage payees section with gear clicked next to payee. This opens a menu above where several actions are listed for that payee


Make a payment

After you have added your bill payees, making a payment is fast and easy. In the "Make a Payment" section, you can pay multiple bills at the same time! For each payee, add the following information:

  • The account you want the funds to come from
  • The amount you want to pay
  • The date you would like funds withdrawn to make the payment (note that you should select a date that will have an estimated delivery before the payment is due)
  • The frequency of a bill pay (select one from the list of options)

When you have entered all the payments you want to make, click "submit" at the bottom of the screen.

image of "make a payment" section of bill pay page. Multiple payees are selected with a total listed at the bottom above the submit button

You will be prompted to confirm the payments you want to make on the next screen. If everything is correct, click the "confirm" button to schedule the payments.

image of bill pay review screen, where all payments are listed with a summary of each
Modifying pending payments

Once you have scheduled a payment, you can edit or cancel it in the "Pending Payments" section. Click the gear icon to the left of the payment to view the modification options.

image of pending payments section of bill pay page. A gear is clicked with options above to take actions on the payment
Searching payment records

Finally, if you need to look up past information about a payment, click on the "History" option in "Bill Pay". Click on the pull down menu to select a search option (for example: payee name, or date). Next to it, enter the value you want to search for, and click the "Search" button on the right to display the results.

image of history section selected on bill pay page with search options and payments shown.

That's all there is to it! You now know the essentials for paying bills online with First Community Credit Union.