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How to: Enroll in eStatements

What are eStatements?

eStatements allow you to access your account statements anytime in online banking! Here are a few advantages of eStatements:
  • Convenience: eStatements are available quicker than paper and archived for 24 months
  • Security: Access through online banking and reduce the risk of mail fraud
  • Sensibility: Reduces the use of paper, but printable should you need a paper copy

Signing Up for eStatements

Log in to Online Banking

First, log in to online banking. If you have not enrolled in online banking, click here to learn more. Once logged in, you can find eStatements in the 'Account Information' drop down menu.

image of main online banking page, with account information menu expanded and estatements selected

After reading our terms of use, check the box and click the enroll button. Once enrolled, you will be able to view electronic statements for your accounts, mortgage, and other important documents by selecting the corresponding tab at the top of the eStatements page.

image of eStatements agreement terms

Using eStatements

Account, Mortgage, Notices, and Tax Forms Sections

Using eStatements is easy! The tabs across the top allow you to view documents in a particular category. Selecting a document will open a new window and display a printable pdf of the selected document.

image showing the main eStatements page
Discontinue eStatements

If you decide that you don't want to continue using eStatements, you can discontinue eStatements in the 'Options' tab. Here, you can also find our terms of use and frequently asked questions.

image of eStatements page with options tab selected and the discontinue button hovered over