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How to: Enroll in Online Banking

Why enroll in Online Banking?

Online Banking is an easy and secure way to manage your account. After enrolling, you can view the balance of an account or loan, transaction history, and general account info. With online banking, you can set up automated bill pay, transfer funds to a linked account, apply for a loan, and much more! Before you begin, please ensure you have your account number and email address that we have on record.

Enrolling in Online Banking

Getting started

The first step is to navigate to the home page. Click the "Log in" button, in the upper right as pictured on the image below. Then click the link, 'Enroll in online banking' and follow the prompts.

You can also click here to go directly to the login menu to get started.

image of First Community Credit Union home page image of Drop down log in menu with enroll in online banking in the bottom right corner
Temporary password email

On this page, enter your account number and the last name of the primary account holder. You will receive an email with a temporary password. Enter the temporary password on the next screen.

image of first enroll screen image with message about temporary password being sent to email image of form to enter temporary password
Read and Acknowledge Agreement

Please read the online banking services agreement, then check the box and submit.

image showing check box for reading online banking agreement
Select a user name

Your username is required to log in to online banking. Review the criteria below to create a strong and secure username, then enter it in the "username" box. Confirm the username by entering it again below.

image showing form for adding user name
Create a strong password

Your temporary password will expire when you create a new one. Generally speaking, the longer and more complex your password is, the stronger it is. Creating a strong password is important for protecting your account. Your password should be 10-20 characters in length, include at least one number and letter. You should not include any personal info, or repetitive characters (such as: 12345) in your password. This could make it easier to guess, and is not very secure. The strength bar in the image below can be used as a general benchmark for password strength.

image showing password creation form with a bar in the middle indicating password strength by changing colors

After you create your password, enter it in a second time to confirm it. This will ensure accuracy, since the password is hidden from view. Make sure you keep a record of your new password, as this information is encrypted even to us. However, you can always reset your password following the steps above (which is why having a secure email address is also important).

Setting up security questions

As an additional measure of security, you will be asked to select security questions and answers. You will be prompted to answer one these questions to verify your identity when logging in. Check the box next to each question you would like to answer (picking at least three), and select your answer on the right. After selecting the questions, you have the option to sign up for text banking. If you are interested in learning about text banking, you can always enroll using our text banking tutorial.

image showing checkboxes on left of security questions, with answer on right.

Once you are enrolled in Online Banking

Updating account information

Once you are logged in to online banking, you can update your settings by clicking the gear in the top right of the screen. A menu will display, with options you can select to update your information or change preferences.

image showing logged in online banking page, with settings gear in top right corner image of settings menu with contact info sub-menu expanded
Logging out

When you are finished using online banking, please log out by clicking the "Logout" button in the upper right corner. If you are inactive for an extended amount of time, you will be logged out automatically.

image showing main online banking menu, with log out button in top right corner
Logging in

Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled in online banking. At your next login, simply enter your username and password into the log in menu on the home screen.

image of main home page, with log in menu down and username / password filled out