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How to: Enroll in Text Banking

What is Text Banking?

Text Banking allows you to conveniently retrieve account information on your mobile device through text message.

Enrolling in Text Banking

Log in to online banking and click on "Services" then "Text Banking" in the top menu.
image of logged in online banking page, with services dropdown open and text banking selected
Add Your Device

To add a new device, click the "Add Device" button at the top right corner of the Devices panel. Any devices added to your account will be listed here.

image of main text banking screen with add device button in top right corner
Device Registration

Enter your mobile phone number of the device you wish to add and then again to confirm it. Next, check the box in the bottom-left corner to confirm that you have read and accept the agreement. Then click "submit".

image showing a form for adding your mobile device number with a dropdown menu showing an agreement
Activating Your Device

You will receive a text message with a 8-digit activation code. Enter your code and click "submit".

image showing form where activation code is entered
Activation Alert

The "Device Activation" window confirms that you have successfully activated text banking on your device! You will also receive additional text messages to help you get started. Click the "Close" button to continue.

image showing active devices for text banking
Text Banking Commands

You will see your newly activated device listed in the "Devices" panel. Below that, is a list of text banking commands and a description of their function.

image showing devices menu with list of commands that can be done through text messages.